Twice Freed

Author: Patricia St. John

ISBN: 9781857924893
Pages: 256
Description: If you’re a fan of Rosemary Sutcliff, read this book.

Now, I’m recommending this book to literally everyone. No matter your age, or taste in books…if you can read, READ THIS BOOK. But if you’re a Sutcliff fan, you’ll probably enjoy it most because there are clear similarities between Sutcliff and St. John’s writing style and subject matter (at least in this book).

This book has such a special place in my heart. I read it tons of times as a little kid and even though I couldn’t fully appreciate its brilliance, I knew a good story and lovable characters when I read about them. The story is epicness personified. Onesimus is a slave who become a freedman, a freedman who becomes a gladiator, and a gladiator who comes a Christian. There’s a beautiful, #everythinggoals love story. The characters are perfect. Archippus miiiiight be my favorite because I have a thing for awful characters who become great, but really…everyone shines.

This books speaks to me in every way. PLEASE READ IT!!!

(The only thing I don’t like it how St. John does that dumb thing of having Paul speak in dialogue consisting almost solely of what he wrote in his letters. And people just don’t talk like that. But everything else is perfect.)
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