Title: Send Down the Rain

Author: Charles Martin

ISBN: 9780718084769
Pages: 352
Description: 5 sentimental stars to Send Down the Rain! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This book!!! This is my first read by Charles Martin, but I own many on his backlist. I have read wonderful reviews of his books, and I could not wait to read Send Down the Rain!

Allie loses her second husband when his truck crashes and explodes. Not only has she lost him, but she has also lost her beloved family-owned, seaside restaurant.

Joseph was a soldier in Vietnam, and eventually, he isolates himself in a cabin, far away from family and friends. His life is haunted by his memories, and he walks around emotionally wounded every day.

One day, Joseph finds a mother and her two children lost near his cabin. He personally takes them back to Florida to their family. And then timing and fate come into play, and Joseph and Allie’s stories join. The rest, dear reader, is to be discovered at the heart of this sensitive, romantic story.

Where Charles Martin excels is allowing the reader to feel the emotion of his characters. Send Down the Rain is powerfully written and filled with a balance of gritty and charming moments, covering the darkest secrets of a family, PTSD, and life after war. It is also about loyalty and the sacrifices one makes for love. Fans of second-chance love stories with a side of family dynamics will love this one!

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for the ARC. Send Down the Rain is now available!

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