Title: Atonement

Author: Julie Morgan

ISBN: 9780991348220
Pages: 352
Description: He’s caused havoc. He’s brought Hell to earth. He’s taken more souls than he cares to remember. When Samuel comes face to face with a woman he has centuries of history with, she makes him work harder than he’s ever worked on claiming a soul.

Anauel, the Angel of Prosperity, has been charged to end Samuel once and for all. She hates who he’s become, she cannot stand his existence and she plans to do whatever it takes to bring him down. What she doesn’t count on his seduction making its way into her heart.

When Anauel places herself in Samuel’s path, she knows what her duty is; she will destroy Samuel for everything he has become. But a big what if lingers over her mind: Can she send him down a different path of atonement or will Samuel lure her to the other side in hope of claiming the soul of an angel?

Fighting lust and temptation, Anauel will need to fight harder than she’s ever fought before; for her soul to live. In hopes of claiming the soul of an angel, Samuel will find himself also fighting against something he’s completely unfamiliar with; the ability to feel something greater than lust and seduction… love.
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