Moe Kare!!, Vol. 01

Author: Gō Ikeyamada

Description: I stupidly read the entire series. Who needs to sleep when there is this, predictable blah there for me to read? I really should have stopped here or the next one, but by book 4 I was like, «yes I’m bored, but I need to know what happens next!» That’s how bad TV shows get you too. Very clever Ikeyamada, very clever indeed.

Maybe I should write something that resembles a review here.

There’s Arta, who is practically abusive, almost a rapist, and a sex fiend.

Takara, who is clueless for like two volumes, sees Arta circling and decides that he likes someone. Once this happens, he isn’t the same old proper Takara. Where did he go? Instead he transforms into Toji from Peach Girl (whom I have come to dislike more than a bit). This story would have been cuter if he remained oblivious and shy with a cute charm.

Lastly, we have Hikaru. Wow! Way to bend over backwards for a guy. If you have to hide parts of who you are, or derive your worth from another, they aren’t for you. End of story. I know it’s not in this volume, but did anyone else notice that Takara never once said she had worth on her own? That she can be herself? That’s because he didn’t. Never, not once.

Since I’m going off volume here, I want to applaud Arta for growing up in the end. For once there is a character in manga that is will to abstain from sex till marriage or at least till he can take responsibility for the potential consequences of those actions. But I personally read more into his action (or lack of action rather -hehe! pun unintended, but awesome!) there at the end. He wanted to cherish and be worthy of her, the exact way she was/is. He was going to prove to her and himself that she is different from the rest, and that was the best way to do so. Plus let’s face it; he wasn’t ready for that kind of excitement. haha!

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